Tamar Lederberg

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Tamar Lederberg

Born in Israel

Stills and video photographer

E-mail: tamar.lederberg@gmail.com


Graduate of the Beit-Berl art College, Israel

B.A - History and Archeology, Tel- Aviv University, Israel

Graduate of Photography, Hadassah College, Jerusalem, Israel

Solo Exhibitions:

2017-Video installation, "Under the Mountain", The Artist's House, Rishon-Lezion,  Israel.

2014- Video-Art, "Homeland Song", Kibbutz Beery's Gallery, Israel

2011-video-art, "Homeland Song", The Artist's House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2009-Installation, "Mute Violence", 100 gallery, Raanana, Israel.

2006-Stills and Video-Art Photography, "The Tunnel in three Parts", Kibbutz Beery's Gallery, Israel.

2006-Stills Photography, "Inside Faces", Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2000-Stills Photography, "Nun and Dancer", Black and White Gallery, New -York, USA.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019 "Photography-Paint-photography”, ND Gallery, Ramat Gan

2019 "The Missing Link”, Beit Ha'omanim, Maccabim Reut Modi’n

2019 "Workers and Workspaces”, Grand Art Gallery, Haifa

2019 "What About Work and Workers' Rights”, Viena

2019 " Local", Beit Ha'omanim,Maccabim Reut Modi’n

2018 "Nine Artist Walls", Art Space TLV, Tel Aviv

2018 "The Road to Ithaca", Beit Ha'omanim, Maccabim Reut Modi’n

2017-"Pile", "Language. Book", Ironit Gallery Rishon Lezion,  Israel.

2017-"Dangerous art ", Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa,  Israel.

2017-"Cover and discover", Jerusalem House of Quality, Jerusalem,  Israel.

2017-"Hard to get" ,  Art Space TLV, Tel-Aviv,  Israel.

2017-Video art, "Symphony of a restless night", Binyamin gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2017-Stills photography, "Personal Touch", Arman Gallery, Tel-Aviv,  Israel.

2017- Stills photography, "Nine Artist Walls",  Art Space TLV, Tel-Aviv,  Israel.

2016-Stills photography, "Elay Azmy", Hasadna Leomanut, Yavne. Israel.

2016- Stills photography, "Afikoman",  Art Space TLV, Tel-Aviv. Israel.

2015- "Local Testimony"-2015, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv.  Israel.

2015-Stills photography, "Nine artist walls", Art Space TLV, Tel-Aviv,  Israel.

2015-Stills photography, "Summertime", Art Space TLV, Tel-Aviv.  Israel.

2015-Video art installation, "lenin's Stain", Hamekarer, Tel-Aviv,  Israel.

2015 -Video art, "Barbara", Koresh 14 gallery, Jerusalem.  Israel.


-ArtAbout, Israeli World Wide Exhibition, Prater Insel, Munich, 


2014- Stills photography, "Format", Art Space TLV, Tel-Aviv.  Israel.

2014- Stills photography, City Lights 2, Modi'in, Israel.

2014- Stills photography, Bread and Roses, Kastiel, Tel-Aviv.  Israel.

2013-sound and video project, "Stop Dreaming!" Gallery of David Yalin Academy, Jerusalem.  Israel.

2013-video art, "Hozer Vashav", Art Gallery Yad Lebanim, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel.

2011-video art installation in "Nisuy- Celim" 8 Festival, Tel-Aviv.  Israel.

2010-Stills photography, "Connected not connected", Kastiel Gallery, Tel-Aviv.  Israel.

2011-Stills photography, Bread and Roses, Minshar, Tel-Aviv.  Israel.

2010-Stills photography, "Salon of the Rejected" Amiad center, Jaffa, Israel

2009-Video art, Electric Picnic festival, Dublin, Ireland.

2009-Video art, Manofim festival, Artist-House, Jerusalem.  Israel.

2009-Video art, Musrara mix 9 festival, Jerusalem.  Israel.

2009-Video art, MyMementoVid, Scala Mata gallery, Biennale of Venice, Italy.

2009-Video- "Caution art" an event in Masada street, Haifa.  Israel.

2009-Video art, The Black loft/Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland.

2006-Stills Photography, "My Tel - Aviv", old City Hall, Tel-Aviv,

2004-Performance, " You don't seem to me to be hungry", Limbos Gallery, Tel - Aviv.  Israel.

2004-Stills and Video Art Photography, Yad - Lebanim Gallery, Ramat - Hasharon, Israel.


Local Testimony-2015, Urbanism and Culture, 3rd Prize series, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv.  Israel.